California Wedding Magazine

We are featured today in California Wedding Magazine for our S’mores wedding favor idea.  It was so much fun!

S'mores 1 S'mores 2


A Big Week in NYC

We have been a little MIA recently because we had 3 amazing events in NYC back to back.  A little crazy, but super fun!  First up was a product launch for Samsung and a private concert from Bruno Mars!!!  The event was at Cunard Hall in downtown Manhattan.  An unbelievable venue!  We set up a pop up Best Buy store along with 2 really chic VIP lounges.

Samsung event VIP lounge Bruno Mars

Next up was a Charity Auction and a Bar Mitzvah.  What did these have in common?  A very similar theme.  I guess we know we are in NY!

IMG_1411 IMG_1410 IMG_1414 IMG_1415 IMG_1419

A Spring Day In NY

The weather was finally spring like in NY on Sunday.  I happened to stumble upon Marie Belle and I was inspired!  So many great ideas for wedding favors, birthday treats or just a fun Sunday in SoHo.

IMG_1261 IMG_1260 IMG_1259 IMG_1258 IMG_1257 IMG_1256

Spring is here!!!

We are so excited to start looking at all the amazing flower markets that are popping up all over.  Whether you are in LA or NY this is a great way to get creative and have fun at your next wedding, party or just a simple dinner at home.

flower market

Things that give us inspiration

Here it is….our first official blog post!  We are so excited to be launching A SO Fete Bash so we can share our inspirations, ideas and why we love what we do!

Things that inspire us….


One of the treasures you will find are the flea markets.


Vintage chalkboards can be used as menus

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Dessert Bars

Infuse your love of sweets with a dessert bar so that your guests can enjoy a few samplings of your favorites.

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A fun invitation

Check out some of our favorites from Wedding Paper Divas and Minted

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