SO Fete Favs!!!

We are starting a new weekly series called SO Fete Favs.  There are so many trends that we love and want to share.  We would love to have you send us some of your favorite pics of things that were in your wedding or things you wished you had done.

Because I love dessert I am starting with some of my favorite cakes!!  I am a simple girl when it comes to cake.  It’s gotta taste amazing, but reflect the couple.  Here are some of my favs.  Which one do you like?

5fdc43e4b0044d7b4d4a31387b2089d2 10414555f6c5f5c7861f4e6938ba52d0 da600d6b670eec4813305a5c51d9509b d13f3557e993d6a5845f213b2b2c0861 cf0a0c268f80ca9eea5ea1e0cd1c5be8 bed48602a0a19f1ea088bb84625060f9 b5153ce6b86117a06b0dab888a3bb624 d4bd9cee89bdeb15566f379c1c35ed38





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