2014 Started Off With a Bang with Mindy Weiss Party Consultants!

Happy New Year!  I know it might be a little late seeing that it’s almost February, but I have had a busy January.  I had the amazing opportunity of helping Mindy Weiss Party Consultants on a B’nai Mitzvah here in New York.  It was a Coney Island themed party for twin boys that was a dream for any kid or adult.  If you don’t know who Mindy Weiss is your missing out.  She is a celebrity event planner who is inventive, creative and as down to earth as they get.  She most recently helped The Bachelor get married on ABC last Sunday at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara.

The B’nai Mitzvah was held at Gustavino’s which is located under the 59th street bridge in Manhattan.  It has massive ceilings and beautiful architecture.  A great place to throw a one of a kind party.  There were cotton candy machines, popcorn and corn dogs for the kids.  All sorts of boardwalk games as well as the lastest sports video games for all the kids to play.  I think I saw a lot of adults sneaking over to try their luck.  There was no detail missed and every adult and kid went home dreaming about their next trip to Coney Island.

For more details head over to MIndy’s blog:  http://mindyweiss.com/2014/01/twins-choose-coney-island-bnai-mitzvah/

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