Things that give us inspiration

Here it is….our first official blog post!  We are so excited to be launching A SO Fete Bash so we can share our inspirations, ideas and why we love what we do!

Things that inspire us….


One of the treasures you will find are the flea markets.


Vintage chalkboards can be used as menus

                                        207658232787850905_iN7SZ98o_b                                              256001560040113517_BknXkClO_b

Dessert Bars

Infuse your love of sweets with a dessert bar so that your guests can enjoy a few samplings of your favorites.

240661173809120318_xQRxYkl5_b                                   5559199509585856_L3qVAEzS_b

A fun invitation

Check out some of our favorites from Wedding Paper Divas and Minted

MIN-09P-INV-007B_A_CP 20130128-2 MIN-7W2-INV-007B_A_CP


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