A sneak peek of Val and Jon’s wedding



Spring Flowers in NYC!!

If you are a New Yorker this winter then you know how brutal the weather has been.  We are all waiting for that first burst of spring.  While the weather still hasn’t caught on at least the events are starting to get some spring fever.  These are some beautiful flowers that were at a Bat Mitzvah at  Chelsea Piers ice rink last week.  While the kids enjoyed the ice rink the adults enjoyed tables adorned with spring bouquets.

IMG_2283 IMG_2285 IMG_2284

SO Fete Favs for Valentines

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With Valentine’s Day coming up we found some great ideas to incorporate into any party or wedding.

With simple rose petals and carnations you can make an amazing aisle runner, bouquet or centerpieces.  You don’t have to spend a huge amount you just need to be creative.

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Here are some great ideas for a wedding favor or a party favor.

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Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!!


SO Fete Favs!!!

We are starting a new weekly series called SO Fete Favs.  There are so many trends that we love and want to share.  We would love to have you send us some of your favorite pics of things that were in your wedding or things you wished you had done.

Because I love dessert I am starting with some of my favorite cakes!!  I am a simple girl when it comes to cake.  It’s gotta taste amazing, but reflect the couple.  Here are some of my favs.  Which one do you like?

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2014 Started Off With a Bang with Mindy Weiss Party Consultants!

Happy New Year!  I know it might be a little late seeing that it’s almost February, but I have had a busy January.  I had the amazing opportunity of helping Mindy Weiss Party Consultants on a B’nai Mitzvah here in New York.  It was a Coney Island themed party for twin boys that was a dream for any kid or adult.  If you don’t know who Mindy Weiss is your missing out.  She is a celebrity event planner who is inventive, creative and as down to earth as they get.  She most recently helped The Bachelor get married on ABC last Sunday at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara.

The B’nai Mitzvah was held at Gustavino’s which is located under the 59th street bridge in Manhattan.  It has massive ceilings and beautiful architecture.  A great place to throw a one of a kind party.  There were cotton candy machines, popcorn and corn dogs for the kids.  All sorts of boardwalk games as well as the lastest sports video games for all the kids to play.  I think I saw a lot of adults sneaking over to try their luck.  There was no detail missed and every adult and kid went home dreaming about their next trip to Coney Island.

For more details head over to MIndy’s blog:  http://mindyweiss.com/2014/01/twins-choose-coney-island-bnai-mitzvah/

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Here’s to a fantastic 2014!!!

We are so sorry we have been Missing In Action the last few months.  We have moved our home base to NYC and have been working on a bunch of different events.  From corporate Christmas parties, to gingerbread decorating parties and of course, Weddings.

NYC is such a great place for inspiration during the holidays.  There is no place like it!  We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and we know 2014 will be a fantastic year!

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Lizzy and Mike’s wedding

We had the pleasure of getting to work with our friends Lizzy and Mike on their beautiful wedding this summer.  It was at one of our favorite venues The Carondelet House in Los Angeles.  There were so many personal touches throughout the wedding.  Lizzy’s father is an artist and put his personal touch on all of the wedding programs and place cards at each individual seat.  The amazing flowers were designed by Heather at Twig and Twine. Gary Ashley from The Wedding Artists Collective provided intimate and beautiful photography to capture the feel of the day.   Lizzy and Mike are huge foodie’s so they only had the best when it came to food and drink.  Whoa Nelly Catering provided the amazing seated dinner and Michael Nemcik from Redclay provided incredible hand crafted cocktails.  Of course, we had to try and make sure they were delicious!

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An Intimate Engagement Party in Los Angeles

I was so lucky to be able to plan an intimate engagement party for my Bestie and his partner in Los Angeles last week.  It was a sit down dinner for 31 people in their own beautiful backyard.  The party was completely specialized for them.  We had their favorite specialty cocktail as people entered the party, a wish tree so guests could write a personal message and even one of their favorite foods as an appetizers Chicken and Waffles.  We kept the decor modern and masculine with grey and white chevron print table runners and beautiful local flowers that added a pop of color.  This was definitely one of my favorites.  Can’t wait for the wedding!

IMG_1660                 IMG_1659                IMG_1676

IMG_1662                 IMG_1663                        IMG_1679

IMG_1678                   IMG_1677                     IMG_1675

IMG_1671                   IMG_1666                     IMG_1665

IMG_1667                  IMG_1681                    IMG_1682


A Nugget Baby Shower

I had the pleasure of helping my bestie with her Baby Shower this past weekend.  Since she doesn’t know if it’s gonna be a boy or girl the color palette could be much more diverse.  She calls the baby Nugget so we had a lot of fun with adding personal touches.  We stayed within the vintage theme, but still made it modern for today.  My favorite was the dessert table which included homemade creme puffs and tons of different kinds of cookies from her mother in law.  Amazing!  Of course, I had to be in solidarity even with my manicure.  The day was filled with love for the little Nugget.